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ANU Roundtable | Teaching South Asian Languages in 2020

Australian National University Roundtable: Teaching South Asian Languages in 2020

Leading members of the Yogic Studies Team, Seth Powell and Dr. Antonia Ruppel, were recently interviewed at the ANU Roundtable for South Asian Languages among other scholars in the field before gathering for roundtable discussions on South Asian Language instruction in 2020. 

Seth Powell's interview:


Antonia Ruppel's Interview:


Roundtable Discussion on Teaching Sanskrit.

Featuring Dr. Sadananda Das (Leipzig University), Dr. Antonia Ruppel (Yogic Studies, LMU, Munich), Dr. Varun...

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Podcast | Seth Powell on the New Books in Hindu Studies

YS Founder and Director Seth Powell was recently interviewed by Dr. Raj Balkaran for the New Books in Hindu Studies Podcast. Listen below for a rich discussion of Seth's doctoral work on the 15th-century Śivayogapradīpikā, new developments in Hindu and Yoga studies, and the balance and interaction of entrepreneurship and scholarship in the burgeoning world of online education. 

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Yogic Studies Now on Mobile App

Introducing the Kajabi Mobile App

Kajabi, which is the web-based software we use and love to power Yogic Studies, has just recently launched their new mobile app. This means that students can now access and stream all of their Yogic Studies content right on your favorite iOS or Android device.

We've had a chance to play around with it a bit, and while there is still room for improvement (e.g. the Quizzes are not yet accessible; coming soon), overall I think you'll agree that this is a really fantastic tool for us!

I invite you to download the app right here: ...

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