Where the studio meets the academy—making accessible the highest quality and most cutting-edge research on Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, and South Asian Languages.

Our Story

Yogic Studies was founded by Seth Powell in 2018 to provide continued educational services for the broader yoga community and public. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the general public and the academy—seeking to make accessible the highest quality and most cutting-edge research and teaching in the fields Yoga Studies, Indology, and South Asian Studies.

Yogic Studies aims to be the standard in online university-level education in Yoga and Indological Studies, outside the traditional university setting. Our diverse faculty is comprised of expert university-scholars, from a wide array of academic disciplines and fields.

We offer an ever-growing curriculum of online courses in yoga history, Indian philosophy and religions, as well as South Asian languages (currently Sanskrit, Hindi, and Pali). Our online courses seek the balance between the highest standards in academic scholarship, yet readily accessible, affordable, and meaningful for the modern practitioner.

Our approach is academic and non-sectarian. We do not seek to replace instruction offered by experienced teachers or lineage holders from within a particular religious or spiritual tradition, but believe that the academic and practice-based study of South Asian traditions are complementary. We welcome students of all backgrounds, whether they are experienced meditators, yoga practitioners, grad students, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc., or simply someone interested in learning more about South Asian traditions, cultures, and languages.

Yogic Studies is based out of northern California, however, our fantastic team behind the day-to-day operations is located throughout the world.

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