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Join scholar-practitioner Dr. Sravana Borkataky-Varma (Harvard Divinity School), and a global cohort of students, for this unique opportunity to study and explore the subject of Women and Gender in Hindu Tantra. (May 30 - June 24, 2022)


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An educational platform dedicated to providing the highest quality research and reliable online courses and trainings—in yoga history, philosophy, and Sanskrit language—for yoga teachers and students around the world. 



Explore the rich and multifaceted roots of yoga's past in premodern India. Uncover the incredible ways yoga has changed, innovated, and been adopted by millions of practitioners across space and time.


Go beyond āsana and study yogic philosophy through an immersion into classical Sanskrit texts. Uncover the theory behind the practice in texts such as the Yogasūtra, Bhagavadgītā, Haṭhapradīpikā, and more. 


Open new worlds by studying Sanskrit, the classical language of yoga. Improve your pronunciation, build your yogic vocabulary, and begin to read Sanskrit yoga treatises in their original language. 

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Study anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your own home. Receive access to university-level courses in Yoga Studies, for a fraction of the cost. 

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Join a global community of hundreds of yoga teachers, practitioners, and students from around the world in a serious, non-judgemental, and evidence-based exploration of yogic wisdom. 

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Both public and private trainings, lectures, and workshops for yoga studios and centers. Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) modules in yoga history, philosophy, and Sanskrit. 

"Seth Powell is at the forefront of a new generation of yoga scholars, and rare among them in that he combines textual studies, fieldwork in India, and a practical understanding of yoga in his scholarship. It’s great that he’s reaching out beyond the academy to share his hard-earned knowledge."

Dr. James Mallinson
Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit and Classical and Indian Studies, SOAS, University of London

"Seth Powell has created courses for Yogic Studies that engage the yoga practitioner in an honest, insightful and inspiring dialogue, bringing ancient practices into modern conversations. By illuminating the historical, cultural and social context of yoga, we come to see and understand the emergence and popularity of modern postural yoga as an ever evolving expression of the seeker’s journey toward self-development and ultimately self realization."

Nikki Costello
Founder of The Practice, CIYT, C-IAYT

"Yogic Studies provides a great opportunity to work with Seth Powell, the rare person who combines long years in a personal practice of yoga, deep learning in the ancient and modern texts of yoga, and all the gifts you could hope to find in a teacher who understands the needs and hopes of today’s yoga practitioners. Definitely a unique and valuable opportunity, not to be missed."

Dr. Francis X. Clooney, SJ
Parkman Professor of Divinity, Harvard University

"Seth knows his stuff! Each week his material was clearly and accessibly presented, completely relevant, and helpfully illustrated. Unlike many academics researching yoga today, Seth's talks were uncluttered with academic jargon, yet he never once talked down to his audience. His smile and enthusiasm were infectious, I looked forward with anticipation to each week's release... [YS 101] is a terrific introduction to the history and philosophy of yoga, highly recommended to any serious student."

Richard Rosen
Yoga Teacher, Author of "Original Yoga: Rediscovering Traditional Practices of Hatha Yoga"

"Seth Powell is the luminary modern Yoga has been waiting for.  I have had the pleasure of learning from and practicing with some of the world's finest and learned Yoga teachers—none have inspired more thought, comprehension, and integration of the rich foundational material and language of Yoga as Seth has.  His presentation, both online and in person, are a perfect and logical balance of academia and practical application.  His ability to speak in a modern and applicable form while keeping integrity and continuity within a historical context is divine.  His mastery and delivery has allowed me to more easily integrate and share classic Yoga principles into my daily teaching and personal practices. We, and the global Yoga community, are fortunate Seth has found and answered his calling."

Kory Sheffer
Founder, Yoga Director, Ashtanga Yoga Napa Valley

"As a long time student and teacher, I feel lucky to have found Seth Powell and Yogic Studies. It's such a gift to have access to easily understandable and current information about the long and complex history of yoga. Seth has the special skill of making this esoteric material accessible and enjoyable to all of us."

Jivana Heyman
Founder & Director, Accessible Yoga

"As a yoga practitioner and teacher for the last 20 years I have always valued the importance of studying Yoga philosophy and have tried to integrate it into my life and practice. Yet there was always some missing links in that knowledge as I tried to bridge the gap between theory and practice. In the courses I’ve taken with Yogic Studies a whole new perspective on what Yoga is, and how we got to where we are today, has been revealed, and a sense of inquiry and a new found interest has been sparked within myself. Seth has a great ability to share these ancients teachings, and the latest scholarly research, in a way that promotes a sense of open-minded inquiry. I highly recommend his courses to all students and teachers of Yoga."

Mark Robberds
International Yoga Teacher

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