Yogic Studies
Advanced Certificate Program

A comprehensive online curriculum in critical Yoga Studies featuring coursework in yoga history, Indian philosophy and religion, and Sanskrit or Hindi. 


A University-Level Certificate Program in Yoga Studies

Study yoga's rich and multifaceted history, texts, and traditions through a dynamic online curriculum and world-renowned faculty. Imagine an online grad school for yogis!

Self-Paced Online Curriculum

Students can begin anytime, and progress through the courses entirely at their own pace. There is no time limit to complete the Advanced Certificate Program.

All YS Courses Count for Credits

Already taken online courses with YS? Good news! All of your previous courses count as credits. You are already on your way to completing the Advanced Certificate Program!

Program Overview

Drawing on the latest and most cutting-edge research in Yoga Studies, this program offers students an in-depth overview of the development of yoga, in theory and practice, from its earliest origins in South Asia, to the contemporary world of global postural yoga. Through a robust curriculum of online courses, students engage in university-level coursework in the history of yoga, traditional Indian philosophy, textual study and analysis, as well as foundational training in classical Sanskrit or modern Hindi language.



Core Curriculum (22 credits)

Students are required to take the following 5 foundational courses.


Elective Courses: 100-level (16 credits)

Students select a minimum of 4 elective courses of their choice. Course listings will continue to be updated as the curriculum develops.


Elective Courses: 200-level (10 credits)

Students select a minimum of 2 additional text-study course. Course listings will continue to be updated as the curriculum develops.


Elementary Language (15 credits)

Foundational training in classical Sanskrit or modern Hindi is required of all graduates. On a case-by-case basis, students who demonstrate the equivalent of a full-year of academic language training at another institution can substitute outside courses for credits, or take a comprehension exam. 



YS 501 | YS Graduate Seminar (7 credits)

Once a student has completed their initial 63 credits of coursework, they will be eligible to apply for the annual YS 501 | YS Graduate SeminarStudents must have the required credits prior to the registration period. Upon successful completion of YS 501, students will receive their final 7 credits, and graduate with the Yogic Studies Advanced Certificate. The Graduate Seminar will entail:

  • Live Zoom Sessions
  • Required Readings & Discussions
  • Final Comprehensive Exam
  • Research Project & Written Assignment (TBD)


Total Credits = 70

  • For those who like to think in hours, the total credits equal approximately 500 hours of training; but given the nature of study, likely more.
  • Depending on the nature and frequency of study, students can expect to complete this program on average of 2-3 years. There is currently no time limit to complete the program.


Updated: October 11, 2023. Curriculum and requirements are subject to change. 



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If you have any questions regarding the YSACP, or about any of our online courses, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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