YS 106 | Śākta Tantra: Yoga and Hindu Goddess Traditions

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Course Description

This online course surveys the rich tapestry of Goddesses within the Hindu Śākta traditions—and uniquely explores their living relationship to the practices of Yoga.

We will begin with the ten Great Wisdom Goddesses (daśa mahāvidyā) of India. Then we’ll look at the significance of the 51 energy centers (śakti pīṭha) and embodied sacred sites of the Goddess, zooming in on two sites of significant importance: Kāmākhyā and Tārāpīṭh.

Drawing on scholarly sources, as well as the instructor’s unique perspective on this tradition as a scholar-practitioner (Dr. Borkataky-Varma was initiated at Kāmākhyā at the age of fifteen), this course provides students with a thorough grounding in the living Śākta traditions practiced within two important Goddess temples. By carefully reconstructing these embodied tantric practices, within their historical and contemporary contexts, this course hopes to provide students with a rich set of tools and ideas which may shine new light on what it means to practice yoga today.

Course Modules

Students Will Receive: 

  • 4 Pre-recorded Video + Audio lectures (90 min)
  • 4 Pre-recorded Q&A sessions (90 min)
  • 4 YS Credits
  • 12 Hours of CE credit with YA
  • Course Syllabus (PDF)
  • Weekly Readings (PDF)
  • 4 Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • Yogic Studies Certificate (PDF)
  • Access to the private Community Forum

Dr. Sravana Borkataky-Varma

Lecturer, Harvard Divinity School

Dr. Sravana Borkataky-Varma is a historian, educator, and social entrepreneur. As a historian, she studies Indian religions focusing on esoteric rituals and gender, particularly in Hinduism (Goddess Tantra). As an educator, she is currently a lecturer at Harvard Divinity School. She is on leave from her parent organization, the University of Houston where she is the Instructional Assistant Professor. In the past she has taught at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, the University of Montana, Rice University, and Dalian Neusoft University, China.

There are five forthcoming book projects that Sravana is simultaneously working on: A monograph titled Divinized Divas: Superwomen, Wives, Hijṛās in Hindu Śākta Tantra, a co-written book titled The Serpent's Tale: Kuṇḍalinī and the History of an Experience, two co-edited volumes titled Living Folk Religions and Religious Responses to the Pandemic & Crises: Isolation, Survival, and #Covidchaos, and a co-edited special issue journal Digital Tantra. Her published articles can be found on sravanaspeaks.com.

As a social entrepreneur, she is the co-founder of a nonprofit, Lumen Tree Portal. Sravana invests in building communities with individuals from various faith backgrounds who believe in kindness, compassion, and fulfillment. 

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This course is eligible for 12 hours of Continued Education (CE) credits with Yoga Alliance

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