Seth Powell and Chase Bossart on Yoga Talks Podcast

debate jbrownyoga podcast pātañjalayogaśāstra sanskrit sanskrittranslation svadhyaya viveka yogadebate yogahistory yogaonline yogaphilosophy yogasutras yogatalks yogatalkspodcast yogateachers Jan 05, 2020

Seth Powell and Chase Bossart come together with J Brown on his Yoga Talks podcast for an in-depth debate and inquiry into the nature and substance of Patañjali’s Yogasūtras.

They discuss whether the Sūtras and their commentary are written by the same person, differing views on what the text says yoga is, whether it involves stilling the mind to reach a liberation beyond this world or a means of finding clarity and purpose in this existence, distinguishing between mind and consciousness, and the power of deep yogic inquiry.⁣⁣ You might want to have your favorite copy of the Sūtras on hand for this one. ⁣ 

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