Elementary Sanskrit Placement Exam

Thank you for your interest in taking the placement test for SKT 102 or 103. 

SKT 102 sets in at around Chapter 13 of The Cambridge Introduction to Sanskrit, and 103 at around Chapter 25. This test tries to gauge how much of that material you already know.


Take as long as you need, but please don't use any resources other than your memory.


Feel free to use देवनागरी or any system of roman transliteration you may be used to (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvard-Kyoto, for example, can be typed without any special characters). Or simply write in any way that allows me to infer what you mean (e.g. long vowels double (aa, ii etc), retroflex consonants, visarga and anusvāra as .t, .s, .h or ṭ, ṣ, ḥ, etc.). Your test results will not depend on whether you can type Sanskrit on an online form!

Please make sure you fill in your name in Question 1, as I otherwise will not be able to know whose answers I am looking at. Your test remains entirely confidential and will be seen only by me. To submit, simply click the 'Submit' field at the bottom of the form.

Good luck—I'm looking forward to seeing you in one of the courses!

— Antonia Ruppel


If you have any questions regarding the placement exam you may email Dr. Antonia Ruppel



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