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Self-Study Sanskrit

Introductory Sanskrit courses with Seth Powell. Sign up anytime, and study at your own pace.

Elementary Sanskrit

A live three-term online Elementary Sanskrit series with Dr. Antonia Ruppel.

Intermediate Sanskrit

A live three-term online Intermediate Sanskrit series with Dr. Antonia Ruppel.

Spoken Sanskrit

A live two-term online Sanskrit series with Dr. Varun Khanna.

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"Dr. Ruppel is without a doubt one of the finest teachers I've ever encountered, in any subject. SKT 101 was superbly organized and I'm immensely grateful for the ease of use and especially the recordings which allowed me to attend classes I otherwise could not have done."

Jeffrey Kahane
Professor of Keyboard Studies, University of Southern California; PhD Student Classics, USC

"This is an exceptionally well written and presented course. Dr. Ruppel has an infectious enthusiasm for the material, and firm command of the subject. Not only will you learn a lot about Sanskrit, but you will also learn a lot about language in general, and will think about your own mother tongue in new ways. She is good at integrating students with various levels of experience in languages, including beginners. I spent a lot of time each week on the course, but I was happy when I worked out each exercise, like a puzzle. If you have ever thought about learning Sanskrit, grab this opportunity."

Michael Essex
M.D., Vista, CA.

"This course was much more than I expected it to be. I was so happy that the content was rich and in-depth. The textbook is packed with information, and there is a ton of resource material to support learning. Dr. Antonia Ruppel is without a doubt one of the best teachers I've ever had. Her passion for Sanskrit is electrifying and contagious. Her support is encouraging. Her ability to convey concepts clearly and precisely is superb. I don't believe that I would have learned so much from this course if it had been taught by anyone other than Dr. Ruppel. And I surely know that I would not have had such an enjoyable learning experience!"

Kevin Sharpe
Educational Consultant Georgia, USA

"This course is an excellent and very accessible introduction to Sanskrit. The material is made very "digestible" by "bite-sized" chapters with many resources to appeal to varied learning styles - a recorded video for each chapter, community forum, digital flashcards, live class twice a week and a variety of practice exercises. Antonia is amazingly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject, very patient with questions, thoughtful and receptive to requests about the course. I'm thrilled with how much I've learned. I highly recommend this course."

Audrey Harpe
Yoga practitioner and instructor Hemlock, NY USA Teacher, Amman, Jordan

"Looking back it is amazing to see how much ground we covered in just 12 weeks! Antonia is a great teacher who is always willing to help and explains things very clearly. Her textbook is a marvelous resource. Overall it has been a fun and fulfilling experience."

Aram Tavitian
Nicosia, Cyprus

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