YS 501 | YSACP Graduate Seminar

Aug 25 - Nov 17, 2022


Course Description

The Graduate Seminar is the capstone of the Yogic Studies Advanced Certificate Program. It is the culmination of an intensive period of study (typically 2-3 years) delving into the latest and most cutting-edge research in Yoga Studies, with leading scholars from around the world. Through a robust curriculum of online courses, students have engaged in university-level coursework in the history of yoga, traditional Indian philosophy, textual study and analysis, as well as foundational training in classical Sanskrit language. Students have received an in-depth overview of the development of yoga, in theory and practice, from its earliest origins in South Asia, to the contemporary world of global postural yoga.

The YSACP Graduate Seminar is designed to solidify and integrate this vast learning, as an opportunity to develop and carry out a personalized research project, to prepare graduates for future academic studies or teaching and to share their yogic knowledge with the world.

To be eligible for YS 501, students must have first completed 63 credits of coursework for the YSACP

Course Structure

The seminar will take place online in a live format for a period of three months. The seminar will meet on Zoom for a total of 7 sessions. Readings will be provided which students should complete in advance of each session and be prepared to participate in discussion. 

Note: Live attendance is required for the Seminar. Students can miss up to 2 live sessions if they have personal exemptions.

Seminar Sessions (2 hours)

  • Thursdays @ 10am - 12pm Pacific (California)
  • August 25, September 8, 22, October 6, 20, November 3, 18*

*The final session will be reserved for student presentations.

In addition to the scheduled Seminars, Seth will also be holding private Office Hours to support students individually with their research projects.

Final Exam

A final exam will be issued midway through the Seminar as an opportunity for students to review and solidify their knowledge of the YS Core Curriculum. This will be a cumulative exam covering material from the following courses: YS 101, YS 105, YS 201, YS 202, and YS 203.

Research Project

The capstone of the Seminar is a self-directed research project carried out in consultation with Seth. Projects can either be written or non-written (video, audio, art, etc.) but the latter must also include a supplemental piece of writing.

More details about the Final Exam and Final Project will be discussed within the Seminar.

Seth Powell

Founder & Director, Yogic Studies
PhD Candidate, Harvard University

Seth Powell is a longtime practitioner of yoga and a scholar of Indian religions, Sanskrit, and yoga traditions. He is currently a PhD Candidate in South Asian Religions at Harvard University. His research focuses on the history, theory, and practice of medieval and early modern Sanskrit yoga texts and traditions, as well as their intersections with the culture and practice of modern transnational yoga. Seth also holds degrees in the study of religion from the University of Washington (MA) and Humboldt State University (BA).

Seth founded Yogic Studies in 2018 and serves as the Director and Head Faculty.

Seminar begins soon!

Our first Session will be on Thursday August 25, 2022.









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