Yogic Studies offers educational programming on the history, theory, and practice of yoga for studios and centers in the U.S. and around the world. We also offer expert consultation for yoga professionals, studios, writers, and others. Please contact Seth if you are interested in scheduling an offering for your studio or school, to participate in your upcoming yoga teacher-training program, or to discuss your specific consulting needs. 


  • Yoga Philosophy/History writing for YTT manualsview sample curriculum PDF
  • Sanskrit Devanāgarī typesettingview sample PDF 
  • Development of robust Yoga history and philosophy sections for YTT training manuals. 


Courses can be formatted to fit the need of your studio, and can range from a 1-2 hour lecture to a full-weekend immersion: 

  • Stand-alone public workshop 
  • YTT philosophy/history modules
  • 1-on-1 study (also available via Skype/Zoom)

Course topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Teaching Yogasūtra at Balanced Yoga’s YTT, New Haven, CT. 2017. Photo by Lori Bonazzoli.

“Seth has taught the Yoga Sutras in our yoga teacher training program as well as conducted public workshops on yoga history and philosophy at our yoga studio. He brings forth a wealth of knowledge and presents it in a way that both honors the historical context and makes it applicable to modern day experiences on and off the yoga mat. His innate thoughtful and passionate way of teaching provides a welcoming space for study and self-reflection and his clarity of presentation keeps the material memorable. Seth brings forth a unique opportunity for asana students to access the ever evolving academic understanding of yogic teachings.”

Daniel Max

Studio Owner, JP Centre Yoga

What I enjoy most about Seth’s teaching style is the way he weaves in stories from ancient India. Giving a sense of reverence for the rich history that supports present day Yoga practices. Through study of sacred texts he unfolds a map of the evolution of the yogic path from ancient India to modern day Yoga studios. By unpacking the sacred Sanskrit wisdom contained in these texts, he makes it accessible and relevant. As a modern day practitioner and instructor of Yoga, Seth inspires me to look beyond the physical form of asana postures and deepen my experience of the subtle inner practices of Yoga.”

Heather Dhyana Woodman

Yoga Teacher, Om Shala Yoga

Seth is a gifted lecturer, wise beyond his years in his grasp and scope of understanding of all things India. His stories and explanations of the bounty of the land made it all come alive.”

Stephanie Perrett

Yoga Teacher, India Retreat Particpant

“Having Seth on staff for the Balanced Yoga YTT was a brilliant last minute decision. He was initially highly recommended to me when I was on a search for the proper names of Yoga postures spelled out in the actual Sanskrit alphabet for my manual. After effortlessly and beautifully bestowing all of that information to me he also planted the seed for his “text study classes” … I had Seth join us immediately for 2 sessions. He was very available and easy to coordinate with. He brought such a solid understanding of the Yoga Sutras to the students, tying together the ancient wisdom of these sacred texts to their modern day practices. Every one of my students loved him. Seth is an ocean of knowledge. A very clear and poised educator. I’m looking forward to future trainings with Seth on my staff.”

Lori Bonazzoli

Studio Owner, Balanced Yoga

“Seth is a skilled and creative teacher. His friendly and passionate disposition make the history of yoga approachable for all. It doesn’t matter whether his students have never practiced yoga or always practice yoga; everyone will learn something new about the practice and them selves. Under his guide, the modern student can personally relate to concepts born thousands of years ago. In this sense, Seth is really bringing a complex ideology into context. Seth’s students will leave his classes excited, and with a deeper sense of the Self. He truly embodies the light on which he teaches!”

Hannah Lautze

Religious Studies student, Humboldt State University

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